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Powerful, personalized omni-channel tools for attracting and retaining customers.

Data shows that in-store shoppers who start shopping online - known as hybrid shoppers - are 200% more valuable than those who only shop in-store. Additionally, 20% said they do 100% of their grocery shopping via a mobile device/app.1

The trick is finding, engaging, and delighting them online with your store’s brand and experience.
Who has time for that? It’s the digital marketing jungle.
You’ve got a store to run.

Not to worry. We’ve got your back.

1 Inmar Intelligence Shopper survey July 2021

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ShopHero Prism™

Your digital marketing superhero

ShopHero Prism is a digital marketing platform that puts you in the thick of effective online marketing without throwing you into the digital deep end.

We help you grow your business through a constant stream of grocery-focused Facebook, Instagram and email communications that attract shoppers to your store.

They receive timely, engaging messages with your store’s branding that extend your in-store relationship to their digital world.

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In-Store Promotion

In-store promotion of your online shopping solution is one of the most important ways of boosting ecommerce traffic and customer engagement.

Our print package gives you everything you need to promote online shopping in your store. All print materials are customized to your site, with QR codes that take shoppers directly to your online shopping site or app download site.

The initial print package is free of charge to new customers. The package includes: 

  • Posters
  • Window stickers
  • Flyers & stands
  • QR stickers

All include your personalized trackable QR code for shoppers to scan with their phones.

Seasonal In-store print package updates

Quarterly updates keep the signage fresh and in sync with the seasons. This option is available as a convenient quarterly subscription that automatically ships to your store ahead of the next seasonal transition.

  • Quarterly updated print package to match the season
  • Two design options

Quarterly updates keep the signage fresh and in sync with the seasons. This option is available as a convenient quarterly subscription that automatically ships to your store ahead of the next seasonal transition.

The quarterly subscription is priced at $119/quarter/ location (includes shipping). Get started now and stay ahead of seasonal opportunities to promote your online shopping experience

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Shopper Support

Let ShopHero experts hand-hold your new online shoppers

Getting shoppers online quickly and happily using your app is key to keeping them engaged with your online store long-term.

While your store-branded ShopHero website and mobile app are highly intuitive and simple to use, new shoppers sometimes have challenges navigating a new way of shopping.

Experts On Call - On Our Dime

Our shopper support team answers phone and electronic help desk questions from shoppers on your behalf, with your store name and branding. This extends your personal touch to frustrated online shoppers who might otherwise give up or tie up your phones and employees with technical questions.

Our experts get shoppers going again with a positive, successful experience. There’s no additional cost to you. The service is included as part of our commitment to ensuring independent grocer online success.

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Order by Phone

Keep shoppers happy, employees off the phone, and costs in check.

As awesome as online shopping is, some customers still prefer (or require) the ability to place orders on the phone.

ShopHero Order by Phone provides the personal, live-order experience shoppers need without tying your employees up with time-consuming phone calls.

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Get the details and get going

Speak with one of our experts about how the ShopHero Retail Success Platform can make a difference with online shopping success for your stores.

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Resource Center

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Get your digital marketing questions answered in as little as two minutes in the ShopHero Help Center.

This rich online resource center includes topics such as:

  • Where to place in-store promotional items
  • How to train staff on promoting online shopping
  • Social media tips and social media advertising
  • Google My Business tips - basic account setup, linking to sh site, updating best practices
  • How to add new users
  • How to upload weekly ads
  • Promo codes

Check out the marketing articles for ROI-boosting ideas and access to helpful resources.