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Choice Doorstep™

Endless shopping, doorstep delivery

Keep online shopping local.

Choice Doorstep provides a vastly expanded online shopping experience for your local shoppers that will keep them engaged with your brand for all their grocery shopping - helping you secure a larger online share of wallet.

Now you can instantly add tens of thousands of additional products to your existing retailer-branded eCommerce site that ship straight to shoppers’ doorsteps at no additional charge. And you collect a margin on every sale.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Many independent grocers are discovering how Choice Doorstep™ by ShopHero can be the answer to their local shopping dreams.

And it's here today.

We do all the work, you collect a margin on every sale

There's no additional investment, no additional inventory or labor on your end - nothing for you to touch except the margin on every sale.

Your online shoppers can now seamlessly browse your in-store items plus thousands of hard-to-find products not on your shelves, including ambient, refrigerated and frozen items, made available from ShopHero's growing network of manufacturers and suppliers.

With Choice Doorstep there’s no need for shoppers to leave your site and search big box retailers for expanded, hard-to-find items.

It's at their fingertips and at their doorstep, all through your store-branded site or app.

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Let's Talk

If you are looking to secure a larger share of shoppers’ wallet through a more expansive assortment without added overhead and labor, we should talk.

We are committed to helping retailers retain local shopping dollars through expanded online choice via your locally branded website and app.

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How It’s Different

Choice Doorstep provides 3 distinct benefits for grocers interested in offering an endless shopping experience for their customers.

Enhances choice beyond your shelves.

Offer tens of thousands of items not stocked on your shelves in a seamless online shopping experience through your website or app.

Keeps online shopping local.

Capture more of your local shoppers' wallet share with this seamless extension of your branded website. Shoppers stay with your brand for all their grocery shopping instead of migrating to national big box sellers.

Increases revenues with zero overhead.

There is no inventory to stock, no delivery or pickup to manage. ShopHero does the work, you collect a margin on everything that sells through your online store.

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How It Works

Choice Doorstep dramatically enhances and expands your customers’ choices with zero investment on your part. Now you can offer an endless shopping experience that will keep local online shoppers on your site and put extra margin on your bottom line. Here’s how it works:

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Expanded Assortment, Enhanced Customer Choice

The ShopHero Choice Doorstep service provides your shoppers with direct access to an expanded assortment of popular items:

  • Categories of products across all temperature ranges, including disposables and equipment.
  • Many hard to find products including natural and specialty food items.
  • Continuously expanding choice as thousands of new products are added each month.
  • Options for “Store within a store” case lot offerings and savings.
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Seamless integration screenshots
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Seamless eCommerce Integration

Your shoppers enjoy a smooth, expanded shopping experience with your brand beginning to end. Choice Doorstep items are displayed seamlessly along with in-store items in your branded website through the interface your shoppers are accustomed to.

Quantities and costs are clearly identified and strategically highlighted for easy identification to distinguish them from in-store items. Frequency and placement of Choice Doorstep items in search results and browsing can be managed and optimized for your shoppers’ preferences.

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Pricing and Availability

Product pricing reflects a delivered price including labor and shipping. Retailers retain a take rate on each order to address credit card processing and profit margins. Speak to a sales representative for specific pricing and margin information.

Choice Doorstep is currently available for shipment of full cases. We are implementing an accelerated roadmap to expand categories and items sold as individual unit.

Approximately 50,000 items will be available by the end of 2022. The program will continue to expand to offer tens of thousands of items from many different sources.

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Learn More

Have more questions? Who handles delivery and customer support calls? What is the delivery lead time? How big are the margins? How are they paid?

Get answers to these and many more questions in this detailed Q&A document.

Got More Questions?

Send us a message with your questions and we’ll respond promptly with our best answers, and links to speak with a live representative.