ShopHero Order by Phone TM

Keep shoppers happy, employees off the phone, and costs in check

As awesome as online shopping is, some customers still prefer (or require) the ability to place orders on the phone.

ShopHero Order by Phone provides the personal, live-order experience shoppers need without tying your employees up with time-consuming phone calls.

Shoppers get the personalized attention your store is known for, while leveraging your eCommerce platform to ensure efficient, timely fulfillment.  And it’s attractively priced to scale with your store’s specific needs.

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Order by phone

Solve the Phone Order Dilemma

Let the ShopHero Order by Phone service handle your phone order challenge, Keep shoppers happy, employees off the phone, and costs in check. Here’s how:

  • Phone orders answered on your store’s behalf by our professional agents
  • Orders entered directly into your ShopHero eCommerce system
  • Maintains a high level of customer service and personal connection
  • Keeps employees off the phone - Saves an average of 10 minutes per phone order
  • Cost matched to your phone order volume
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Order by phone

Personal Touch

Our agents are patient, caring US-based experts who treat every caller with the same care and respect you give your shoppers. While they are highly efficient, agents are never too busy to chat with the occasional caller who may need a listening ear from their local grocer.

Spanish Too

During specified hours, Spanish-speaking customers can call and place orders with native Spanish speaking US-based agents.

Order by phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes our customer's orders?

Our dedicated team of agents local to the US are ready to assist your shoppers in a professional and friendly manner.

What hours are available for placing phone orders?

Our order by phone services are available to your customers from 7 am to 5 pm MT Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 5 pm MT on Weekends.

Can Shoppers pay by EBT or SNAP?

At this time, we are not permitted by law to take EBT and SNAP payments over the phone.

Do shoppers call the store number or another number?

We will provide a number independent of the store's number so that all support and order by phone calls channel directly to us, ensuring our retailers don't lose valuable time on the phone.

Do you answer in the store's name?

Our agents offer a friendly and professional greeting, but we do not at this time answer in the store's name. However, our agents are able to promptly pull up a customer's account information and place the order in good time.

Can orders be saved?

Orders that have been placed can be saved, and items may be favorited for later use.

What if an order needs to be changed? How much time is needed?

Orders may be changed anytime as long as the store has not begun prepping the order. Our agents will be able to inform a customer where their order is in the process and if they are able to make any changes.

Who handles refunds?

For all refund inquiries, we defer/transfer the customer to the store.

How much does the service cost?

$3 per order

How do you handle irate customers?

We strive to respond to all customer inquiries, comments, and complaints in a calm, professional, and friendly manner.