March 7, 2022

ShopHero Grocery Heroes Award 2022

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the SuperMarket Employee Day Heroes!

Brittney Hummer - Dot Market

Pedro Rubi - Tropical Supermarket

Cindy Rodgers - Dot Market

Sean Zaccardi  - Hoyt Lakes IGA

These employees are being recognized as heroes in honor of Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day. The idea for Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day began during 2020 when grocery workers were essential to keep up with the demand for food at the height of the pandemic. 

At Shophero, we also believe grocery employees are the backbone and heroes of communities, helping keep families' refrigerators full and pantries stocked. For these reasons we have selected four employees to highlight.

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who participated or who nominated an employee. To us, you are all winners, and we want to thank you for the excellent and selfless work you do in your store and for your communities, especially during these difficult times. 

In recognition of their outstanding contributions, each winner will receive a 100 dollar Amazon gift card and a special plaque to display in their store.

To give you a better feel for why these people are heroes and deserve this recognition, here are a few excerpts from the winners' nominations submitted by their managers.

Brittney Hummer

Brittney has worked for Dot's Market since she was in high school. Brittney is now an amazing mother to her 3-year-old daughter and still working full time at Dot's Market. Brittney is a wonderful person, and any recognition we can pass on to Brittney would be much appreciated!

Pedro Rubio

Pedro never misses a beat, always gives his best, and never complains. He understands that feeding families is a great responsibility and accepts his job with pride. He is invested in the team's well-being and need to succeed.

Cindy Rodgers

Cindy has worked for Dot's Market for over 40 years and is the most dedicated person you will ever meet! She really deserves to be recognized for her outstanding dedication to Dot's Market and her loyal customer base that comes in just to see her.

Sean Zaccardi

Sean watches out for those in need and has a deep respect for the elderly. In particular, he likes to take care of one of our regulars, Dorothy. Dorothy is an elderly sweetheart. One day (though I believe it has occurred many times since), he was carrying groceries out for her when it started raining. Sean quickly grabbed an umbrella so Dorothy wouldn't get wet.  

Since that day, Dorothy always asks for Sean and refers to him as her king. Multiple compliments pour in from other customers who have seen how Sean cares for Dorothy and others like her. This situation has never made me prouder of him because it represents what we strive for: going further for our community, especially during this time of crisis.

Thank you!

Again we would like to thank these heroes for the excellent work they do, going above and beyond to provide excellent service, dedication, and effort to help their community. 

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