July 6, 2022

Real Examples of How Order by Phone Can Help Your Shoppers

"I'm placing an order for my father. He's recently been hospitalized and needs help getting groceries to the hospital he is staying at. He also needs to start watching his diet. Can you help me pick healthier food options for him?"

"I was recently in an accident and I can't physically leave my home. Can you help me place a delivery order? I need it on the front step closest to my door. I can't use the stairs anymore."

"I don't own a computer! I just have this phone here, and I don't use apps. Can I still place an order to be delivered?"

"My husband and I have covid, out of respect for others, we are social distancing. Can we place an order for delivery?"

"I am older and cannot physically go grocery shopping anymore. If I place an order with you, can my caregiver come pick it up?  

These are just some of the many real-life challenges retail customers face daily when trying to make a grocery order online. Now more than ever, delivery is a sought-after essential service that connects customers to their preferred independent retailers so they can keep purchasing their favorite store products. Fortunately, ShopHero offers Order By Phone, a service led by a team of trained individuals who are dedicated to making grocery shopping as seamless as possible and at no cost to the customer!

During times like these, it can feel overwhelming trying to connect to a support line and get assistance from a live human who knows their store's products in and out—someone who is dedicated to resolving your relevant concerns and getting groceries back in your fridge. These everyday challenges faced by new and loyal customers alike inspired ShopHero to provide this live, empathetic customer service team that offers personable succor to take some of the hassles out of online shopping.

Whether you're homebound, far away from a loved one, swept away with work, or dealing with some of life's greater challenges (like our seemingly never-ending pandemic woes), you can take comfort in knowing someone will be available to call and help you schedule your order. We are available from 7 am to 5 (Mountain Time) pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm (Mountain Time) on weekends!

This team of US-based support specialists are dedicated to providing relevant recommendations, handling the order placement process, and ultimately getting your favorite household products back into your home.

Give us a call, support your favorite local businesses from the comfort of your home no matter what challenges life has you facing, and let us do the rest.

Happy Shopping!

-Rachel Lagafuaina

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