December 9, 2021

Introducing ShopHero’s Shopper Support Service

Helping shoppers have a positive user experience while using your app is the key to long-term customer retention.

While your store-branded ShopHero website and mobile app are highly intuitive and simple to use, new shoppers sometimes have challenges navigating a new way of shopping.

Our shopper support team answers phone and online help desk questions from shoppers on your behalf, with your store name and branding. This extends your personal touch to frustrated online shoppers who might otherwise give up or keep your phone lines and employees busy with technical questions. Our experts get shoppers purchasing again with a positive, successful experience.

No additional cost

ShopHero’s Shopper Support Service is available at no additional cost to you. The service is included as part of our commitment to ensuring independent grocer online success.

We understand the busy fast pace environment that retailers operate in. Your time is money. That is why we have a team of agents to handle all your customers' questions and concerns so that you don’t lose valuable time and manpower.

Shopper Support at a glance

Shopper Support Service conveniently provides three crucial channels of support to customers including but not limited to: order issues, billing questions, and troubleshooting. 

Our agents promptly answer all calls, emails, and texts and strive to provide accurate, satisfactory answers to queries and concerns, offer patient assistance, and help guide your customers through troubleshooting and navigation of the website and app. In addition, our US-based agents are able to communicate to your customers in either English or Spanish. 

Below is a real-life example of how our support team has assisted our retailers' clients. 

Just the other day, I got a call from an older woman who had fallen, broken her ankle, and couldn't walk or drive to the store. After talking to me, she was able to understand how to use her local grocer's app and purchase all the items she needed. - Sherrie Beckering

We value customer service and build relationships with your customers, ensuring we uphold the family-style values our retailers have spent many years establishing.

We’re open when you’re open

We understand that most of our retailers operate year-round, providing an essential service to their communities and we here at ShopHero are committed to being available and accessible to you and your customers. We are open 363 days of the year, your customers will have access to professional support under your brand, 10 hours a day Monday to Friday and 8 hours a day over the weekends.

Getting signed up for Shopper Support

Accessing this service is simple! We will handle the set up and our professional account management team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have on this service. We look forward to serving you and your customers.

Get the details and get going

Speak with one of our experts about how the ShopHero Retail Success Platform can make a difference with online shopping success for your stores.

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