January 11, 2022

Covid Resurgence Worries? ShopHero is Here to Help

Covid Resurgence Worries?

ShopHero is Here to Help!

For many U.S. grocers, the accelerating spike in Omicron variant infections may once again impact store traffic and purchase patterns as we collectively brace for another wave of possible restrictions and isolation.

At ShopHero, we have anticipated and prepared for this type of scenario, and put into place action plans, tools and resources to support you, our retailer customers, to minimize disruption and maximize service levels for your shoppers during challenging times.

In short, we're here for you, and we’re prepared.      

Solid, Expanded Support

In addition to ensuring rock-solid eCommerce technology, we have anticipated the inevitable strain on your eCommerce resources and an uptick in required shopper support. We have put in place tools and resources to address both. Here are a few of the key options available:

  • Expanded Shopper Support Staffing. Recently-expanded staffing on our Shopper Support team will ensure that your customers will have a live, U.S-based ShopHero expert readily available to resolve their online shopping technical issues. This relieves your staff of time-consuming troubleshooting calls related to online shopping.
  • Trained, Responsive Account Managers. You have ready, direct access to a ShopHero Account Manager who will help quickly resolve any issues with your eCommerce system and offerings. Contact your Account Manager immediately with any issues or concerns, or call 855-361-9525 to be put in touch with your assigned account manager.
  • New Time and Labor Management Tools. The ShopHero Admin Panel allows you to easily adjust online order, pickup and delivery time slots to match your staffing schedules, and quickly adjust to unanticipated changes. You can also lock out large blocks of time when online order and delivery aren’t available. Click here for details.

These are unprecedented times, to be sure. But with the right tools and commitment, we’re confident you can thrive. We are committed to helping you remain the rock-solid calm in the storm your community depends on.

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