January 4, 2022

9 Ways to Increase Online Engagement

For most independent grocers, increasing sales is the goal. In the unprecedented times we live in, driving in-store foot traffic can be a challenge. By increasing online engagement, grocers are able to make up in-store sales lost and earn more. Here are 9 helpful tips to increase online engagement.

1. Use print materials around the store. By posting print materials around the store, customers are constantly reminded of a store's online presence. The next time they are thinking about shopping, they will remember the convenience of ordering online. 

2. Train Employees to mention online shopping (every 3-6 months). Chatting at the cash register is a perfect time for employees to remind customers that they can buy a store's groceries online. When a customer goes home, they may remember to look up the store they shopped at.

3. Send out an email specifically about online grocery shopping. Email is another great way to reach out to customers. Most people are now able to access their emails through their phones. After reading an email from a business, they may click a link that sends them straight to a website or app download. 

4. Mention online shopping in a weekly ad or newsletter (add a trackable QR code). If customers haven't been reminded of an online grocery store through in-store shopping or email, a newsletter or ad may be the perfect option. Also scanning a QR code provides convenience and ease and immediately takes customers to the grocery site. Click here to learn how to easily make your own custom QR Code from the admin panel.

5. Set up a table in front of the store specifically advertising online shopping. A table with eye-catching advertising is a great way to attract attention. 

6. Update Google My Business. Updating Google about a business is a great secret that most independent grocers don't know about. By keeping a business up-to-date and on google maps, customers and potential customers will be able to not only find the location easier, but a business's information will rank higher on Google's organic search.

7. Post it on the cover photo of the store's Facebook Page. Many people turn to Facebook as a tool for information. By posting a cover photo with the website address or app name, customers will become aware of multiple avenues for grocery shopping. 

8. Create a "pinned" Facebook post. Pinned posts stay up at the top of the page. If users ignore the banner, they may notice the first post on the Facebook feed.

9. Consider digital & social media advertising, especially Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are easy to create and cost-effective. Through Facebook, a small business can reach thousands of customers even if the business has a small spending budget. Google ads are also another option. 

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